Epic Seven - E7WC 2024

E7WC 2024

Rise to Glory

Push beyond your limits and seize victory in E7WC 2024 - Rise to Glory.

<strong>E7WC</strong> LOGO
We have created a logo that visualizes various elements of E7WC:<br>The Sanctuary that symbolizes Epic Seven, a pair of wings that represents ascension and victory,<br> and a trophy that embodies fierce competition and the birth of a champion.
  • Sanctuary
    Symbol of Epic Seven
  • Wings
    Victory and Ascension
  • Trophy
    Competitions and Champions


  • 1. Competitor Selection
    Based on the finalized<br>E7WC Preliminaries ranking
  • 2. Server Qualifiers
    Single Elimination<br>Best of 3
  • 4. Grand Final
    Best of 7<br>(Winner of Upper Bracket<br>begins with 1 point)
  • 3. Tournament Stages & Finals
    Double Elimination<br>Best of 5

E7WC 2023 Prize Pool

E7WC, the Ultimate Global Showdown!<br>Who's ready to become a legend?

Total Prize Pool 100,000 USD

  • <strong>50,000</strong> USD
  • <strong>20,000</strong> USD
  • <strong>10,000</strong> USD
  • <strong>2,500</strong> USD


Your journey to greatness begins here!<br>Available for all Heirs who have participated <br>in the E7WC Preliminaries!

See E7WC Official Rules

Please Note

  • Each player must be at least 20 years old to be eligible to compete in E7WC.
  • E7WC participants will be selected based on their final rankings of the E7WC Preliminaries.
  • Players' profiles, gameplay footage, battle logs, and Hero-pick logs may be introduced on-air and/or on the official website.
  • Registering will be considered as having consented to the Official Rules.
  • The prize award will be provided in the form of US dollars. Participants are responsible for any and all costs and expenses associated with their prize including taxes and additional fees.
  • The Official Rules may be amended, modified, or supplemented by the organizer, at its discretion, in order to ensure fair play and integrity of E7WC.